About The Volunteer Center

What We Do

The Volunteer Center (VC) works with over 165 nonprofit partner organizations to help individuals, families, and service groups find ways to volunteer their time and help others in the community. We also help groups develop and implement effective service learning programs in schools, faith-based organizations and civic groups, and sponsor community Days of Service.

The Volunteer Center Mission Statement

The Mission of The Volunteer Center is to promote volunteerism, support nonprofit organizations, and engage people in meaningful volunteer service in the communities we serve.

Join the Volunteer Center Board of Directors and Make A Difference All Year Long!

The operations of the Volunteer Center are supported by an energetic board of directors. This is a working board that is committed to service and making a difference. The board members assist our various committees and help us with our annual appeal and other fundraising efforts, as well as our annual Days of Service. They enjoy a spirited camaraderie and act as liaisons in the community to encourage more volunteerism. The Board seeks to have representatives in the New Trier Township and the surrounding N.E. Metro Chicago area. The VC board is always looking for those who enjoy a variety of tasks, including but not limited to treasurer duties, programming, marketing, public relations, design and development, and of course a passion for helping others. Join us!

Interested? Contact: info@volunteercenterhelps.org

2023-24 Volunteer Center Board of Directors

Barb Tubekis

Caitlin Denfeld

Danielle Slattery

Board of Directors:
Nada Becker
Sydney Clark
Penny Fisher
Colleen Harlow
Julie Hartvigsen
Jen Jessen Lunt
Carolyn Maraist
Kathryn Martin
Sherry Molitor
Lauren Osborn
Julia Ryan
Radana Safarik
Danielle Slattery
Brittany Warner
Kristin Ziebarth

Margot Flanagin

Honorary Board:
Linda Ball
Pat Close
Deb Cogan
Kathy Heitmann
Susan Jackson
Margot Peters
Onnie Scheyer
Jeni Spinney
Cindy Stuhley
Nancy Whiteman

Executive Director:
Bridget Lewis

Communications Manager:
Julie Flood

Our History

The Volunteer Center was established in 1960 as a collaborative intergenerational tutoring project between the North Shore Senior Center, New Trier High School and the Winnetka Public Schools. This historic endeavor was lauded as the first volunteer action center in the state of Illinois, and was chartered with the Secretary of State of Illinois as The Volunteer Talent Pool (VTP) in May, 1964. As the program database of volunteers grew, other schools in the township sought skilled volunteers for tutoring, curriculum enhancement and career discussions. The volunteer base spread to people of all ages and abilities who wanted to share their time and skills with others who needed their support in not only the schools, but social service nonprofit organizations. The VTP was re-branded in 1995 as The Volunteer Center (VC) with its mission to promote volunteerism, support nonprofit organizations, and engage people in meaningful volunteer service in the communities we serve.

The name was changed to The Volunteer Center to encourage people to help, whether they had specific skills or not. It was a strategic decision to align with the Points of Light Foundation and the over 400 Volunteer Centers in towns and cities throughout the United States. The change has been successful. The VC now registers over 15,000 people annually who serve tens of thousands of individuals in need. The VC connects residents from the northeastern suburbs of Cook County (Chicago) to over 165 nonprofit organizations that need their help both locally and abroad via this website and its many community service days to make a difference for individuals in critical need.