Nominate an Exceptional Volunteer

Each year the Volunteer Center hosts a Recognition Event that honors four exceptional volunteers who inspire others through outstanding volunteer work that makes an impact on the lives of those in need. Honorees are often nominated by current and past VC Board members and VC Partner nonprofit organizations — but anyone in our community can make a nomination.  If you know someone who you think deserves to be recognized, simply complete the form below and we will contact you for more details.

Criteria includes:

  • Must live in Chicago’s N.E. Cook County
  • Must involve volunteer activity of a heightened level
  • Volunteer work may not be political
  • Local civic and school board membership not eligible

Nominate an Exceptional Volunteer

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2020 – 60th VC Anniversary and Recognition Event   

Selah Freedom Junior Advisory Board Founders – Amanda and Kylie Davidson;

The Haunted Yard Team Founders – Nate Bailey, Ronan Bukta, Jack Chapman, Ben Claybrook, Jake Claybrook, Liam Drehkoff, Thomas Hartman, Ryan McLamore, John Morrissey;

The Ted Mullin Fund – The Mullen-Henry Family, Rick Mullin, Mary Henry, Evan Mullin, Catherine Mullin

Willow House Founder – Stefanie T. Norris;

2019   Ann Barrett, Steve Ford, Lauren Marwil, Michael Murphy (CUMALI);
Lynn Gordon (Madonna Mission); Laura Linger (Business Leader Award); Sarah McClarey (Operation Shelter Cupid, WINGS Program, Inc.)

2018   Lynn Cole (Rise Intnl), Grace House Mentors; Liz Kunkle (Go Green Winn); John Lipscomb (Keystone)

2017   Emily Boling (Floured Apron); Becky Kimbell (Cradle, Flowers); Sydney Martin (Syd Rocks); Lulu Witcoff

2016   Dr. Warren Bruhl, Board and Founders of INFANT, Inc, Mark Stephan, Courtney White

2015    Lou Dickson, Wendy Irwin, Betsy Leibson, Pamela Phillips Weston

2014   Jane Gallery & Frank Craven, Sandy Haggart, Jane Trueheart Huels, Nina Schroeder

2013   Mary McLaughlin, Wendy Serrino, Martin Associates, Herb & Joanie White

2012  Nicole Basil, Louise Holland, Jake Joehl, Make It Better

2011   Volunteer of the Year:  Michael Alter
Beth Drucker, Board of Erika’s Lighthouse, Harriet Hahn, Scott Kennedy, Scott Schoder, Nick McCarthy,
Caitlin Mogentale – Student Alliance for Homeless Youth

2010  50thANNIVERSARY OF THE VOLUNTEER CENTER SPECIAL HONOREE Ernie Banks, Founder “Above and Beyond Foundation”

2009  Glencoe Jr. High Project; J.J. Hanley; Derek Schram, Our Place; Tom Maluga & Carol Rigby – Safe Families/Lydia Homes

2008  Volunteer of the Year:  Elissa Poorman; Steve Adams (Posthumous); Dan Isherwood & Jim Dower -Urban Initiatives; Ceci Gigiolio & Washburne 8thgraders; Sandi Johnson – NSSC;
High School Service Learning Efforts (NSCD, Loyola, New Trier High School, Regina)

2007  Zengeler Cleaners; Teresa Dobson; Jen Parilla; Joe Taylor – Highcrest Middle School; Kathy Dodd; KWBA GRIFFStrong Home-Run Derby, Kristine Smith

2006  Lake Cook Helping Hands; Helen Sweitzer; LaSalle bank/ABN AMRO; North Shore Magazine; Pioneer Press;
New Suicide Prevention Orgs (Erika’s Lighthouse – Ginny and Tom Neuckranz, Elyssa’s Mission – Ken Meyers)


Mary Adair; Dr. Andrew Cole – Rise International; Sally Schneiders- Do Your P’Art; Elise Kapnick Warsaw, Evie Schweig – Glencoe Jr. High Project,;Kay Pothast -NTHS;
Karen Gitles – FAN, INFANT Inc.; Susan Noyes, Operation Warm; Cheryl and Craig Scherer, Rebuilding Together; Roger Winship – e-Angel Community

2004   Nan Kaehler, Pam Phillips Weston- What Women Want,Sue Jackson, Leticia Romano and Kellie Fischer of LaSalle Bank,
Madame Janine Pefly,Nic Zerebny, Anne Montgomery.

2003  Glencoe Interfaith Builders, Hope Poor, Molly Sholl, Billy Schrader, Lois Scheyer, Jody Smith, Bob Williamson, Country Cobbler, L&A Stationers

2002  Highcrest Middle School, DeeJay Foods, Loyola Life Be In It, New Trier Social Service, Que Pasla, The Junior Board of the VC,
Winnetka Community House, Gary Frye

2001  Barb Cornew, Sue New and Lynn Horne from Middlefork School, Kim Mulligan,  Jan Wishart, Fred Mocking, Anders Peterson


Outstanding Volunteers – Daniel Kielson, Julia Forman, Krystal Wells, Heather Wood – Glencoe Jr. High Service Class Students,
Harriet Hahn – Super Senior from NSSC Rebecca Bieber, Katie Buesing, Jessica Lerner, Cheryle Yallen – Wilmette Youth Connection

Five Years of Service – Pam Hoffman, Terri Mathes, Elaine Fandell, Lois Martin
Ten Years of Service – Peggy Bryant   Fifteen Years  – Rita Turow

1999  Linda Ball – Martha Drake Award, Hubbard Woods School – TV Tuneout, Linda Perry, GJHP, Skokie Serves, Ben Jennings,
Sunset Ridge School, Wilmette Jr. High Service Club

1998  Maradee Barr, Lee Baumgarten, Jan Bawden, Katie Compernolle, Janet Cowel- WJHS, Rick Sitz, Nancy Whiteman

1997  James N. Allans – Martha Drake Award, Perry Brand, Noriko Fujiwara, Jim Eckhouse, Winnetka Alliance for Early Childhood

1996  Cindy Stuhley – Martha Drake Award, Ron Yeargin, Fred Mocking, Irene Schultz

1995  35th ANNIVERSARY LUNCHEON Nancy Whiteman – Martha Drake Award, Gwen Trindl, Micki Kimijima, Pam Phillips, Five years of service – Perry Brand, Peggy Bryant, Marvin Keith, Helen Kowalcyk, Bob Lidecker, John Robertson Jones, Elliott Spiess, Mrs. Auste Vigantas

1994  Members of the 1993-94 VTP Board – Martha Drake Award, Ron Yeargin, Cynthia Gehrie, Marietta Marcin Steinberg

1992  Sandy Rau, Lorraine Barba – Martha Drake Award,  Keiko Anno

1991  Martha Drake Award – Mari Morgan, Dr. Steve Frankel, Jeanne Adis, Jack Burler, J. de Navarre Macomb

1990  30th ANNIVERSARY LUNCHEON   Martha Drake Award – Sheila Hulseman, Five years of service – Lisa Derman, Linda Perry, Jane Heydt, Vera Madgey

1988  Special Awards – Barbara Gould, Arnold Behrstock, Paula Andrew, Five years of service – Jim and Cay Garnett, Takako Mizuta, Paula Orellana, Liz Stone, Ten year service – Marietta Marcin

1987  Special Awards – Phil McDowell, Jule Dee, Five years of service – Kay Sugiura, Babs and Marvin Henschel, Petty Officer 2nd Class Rob Meyers, Fifteen years of service – Fred Birnham, Lenore Frick (VTP Director from 1975 to 1984

1986  Special Awards – Louise Mages, Bob Berns, Marnie Atkinson, Five years of service – Bill Tippens, Pat Baldorf, Gerhard Becker, Ten years of service, Fred Mocking

1985  Special Awards – Barbara Everitt, Sue Wells, Katherine Hudson, Five years of service – Dr. Kirk Fineberg, Bob Burchmore, Muriel Stank,

1984  Special Recognition – Martha Drake and Janet Freund (two original founders), Additional Special Awards – Dr, Donald Bergman, Mrs. Lula Ives, Dr. Elizabeth Girardi, Five years of service – Marietta Marcin, Phillip McDowell, Ingrid Rosenfeld, Martha Farwell, Barbara Regnell

1983  Special Awards – Fred Burnham, Roy Porteous, Marion Reuter, Five years of service – Fran Kaplan, Genevieve MacDougall, Anna Baker

1981  Five years of service -Pat Baldauf, Pat Berwanger, Ann Cole, Pat Croak, Dr. Henry Fineberg, Marilyn Fritz, Maxine Grossman, Charlotte Herman, Laurie Levy, Mr. Philip McDowell, Denise Philpot, James Williams, Becker – Northfield Animal Hospital, 1st Business and Professional School of Wilmette

1978  Five years of service -The Winnetka Park District the The Family Service of Winnetka-Northfield. Lenore Bates, Gerhard Becker, Ginny Bierwaltes, Robert Burns, James Bremner, Frederick Burnham, Riata Byrne, Savine de La Panouse, Grace Freeman, Suzanne Gerlits, Mary Gonnoud, Carolyn Haas, Sally Hands, Caroline Harnsberget, Mimi Howard, Mary Ann Judson, Binnie Kanne, Ethel Katz, Harriette Koeller, Mary Norris Lloyd, Gwen Lueker, Marty Mann, Kazuko Mayahara, Eileen McGowan, Jan Pigott, Helen Ray, Marion Reuter, David Schreiber, Jena Schreiber, Joseph Sondheimer, Liz Stone, Elinor Swiger, Francis Weeks, James Yohanan

1977  Five years of service – Betyy-Claire Aschauer, John Butler, Sabine de la Panouse, Hope farrell, Mary Frey, Rae Fritz, Miriam Greenblatt, Loretta Heiser, Joan Norris Lloyd, Kay Logan, Gwen Luecker, Dr. Lola May, Katherine McKinney, Mary Pattison, Rosalind Reinhard, Lois Sachs, Viola chwimmer, Dr. Ernest Solomon, Helene Steglich, Harry Volkman, Joseph Yohanan, Marie Higginbotham

1969 – First Known Commendation   Mr. Arthur Anderson was nominated as a valuable volunteer for the Adult Volunteer-of the-year Volunteer Service Award sponsored by the State Street Council and the Volunteer Bureau of the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago. Mr. Anderson participated as a volunteer with the VTP since its beginning in 1960 as an expert in electricity.