Go Green Winnetka

About Go Green Winnetka

The mission of Go Green Winnetka is to raise awareness regarding sustainability and inspire schools, governmental units, organizations, businesses, and individuals to take action targeting climate change, waste, and sustainable raw materials.

Go Green Winnetka works within Winnetka and in concert with other area Go Green groups to share best practices and problem-solve by hosting and participating in formal meetings, informal gatherings, discussions, presentations, movie screenings, book groups, yard tours, clean-ups, and public advocacy, among others.

Current Opportunities at Go Green Winnetka

Public Advocacy Meetings

Attend Go Green Winnetka and Village Council meetings

Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: People Over 16, Seniors

Volunteer for Clean-Ups and Environmental Fairs

Participate in local clean-ups and environmental fairs in Winnetka and in conjunction with other area Go Green groups

Type: Ongoing Opportunity
Good For: Children Under 16, Families, Groups, People Over 16, People with Disabilities, Seniors
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